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The entry fee of CHF 250.- includes admission of the car and lunch for 2 persons.
Payment of the entry fee must be made after the confirmation of the acceptance of the car. Please fill out all mandatory information (*) and make sure that all given information are correct.

Special rates have been negotiated at following hotels:

N.B.: No special conditions will be granted by bookings made through other online booking sites. During the booking's process, please mentions Concorso d'Eleganza.



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    The Concorso d'Eleganza "Città di Lugano" is proud to present the Award for "Best Documented Car in Show"!

    The Motor Chain Award will be given to the best documented car in show.

    An original and comprehensive documentation is of paramount importance to the value of the car, just as well as a regular maintenance or an original restoration.

    Therefore it deserves an award.

    We look forward to welcoming you at the 2022 Lugano Concorso d’Eleganza!

    About The Motor Chain

    The Motor Chain shares your passion and dedication for our loved classic cars, and in particular for their sometimes forgotten and neglected history and documentation. To be fair, we tend to leave documentation for last, after driving, cleaning, maintaining and repair. This is understandable, as documentation always implies extra effort and time.

    By promoting and sponsoring the “Best Documented Car in Show” The Motor Chain wants to show gratitude to those diligent owners who not only keep documenting their cars during their ownership period but have invested on researching and completing their vehicle’s history.

    Can The Motor Chain help with documenting my car on the platform?
    Yes, we do have a Documentation Service and can help with creating the car’s history in the platform.

    What happens with my information after the Concorso?
    You can keep using The Motor Chain to maintain and document your cars.

    We are here to assist and support you, should you have any question or problem.

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